Singapore Primary School Mathematics - Geometry Part 3

by Education Cube, posted on May 30, 2016

Math Topic – Geometry

Primary 6 Level Question: The figure below is made up of four identical squares of sides 18 cm. Find the area of the figure that is shaded.

Geometry Question

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When you look carefully, you will understand that the area of the shaded parts is half of the total area of the figure. Here's why:

Geometry Question visual aid 1.

Geometry Question visual aid 2.

Geometry Question visual aid 3.

Concept: Area of the triangle is (½ base X height).

- You will see in all three examples above, the height of the triangle does not change. Hence all three triangles are like the second example, ½ the area of the square.

- If this is a rectangle, and the base of the triangle covers the entire 'length'of the rectangle, then the area of similar triangles are ½ the area of the rectangle.

Geometry Question visual aid 4.


Area of shaded part is half the area of the total figure.

Total figure is 18X18X4 = 1,296 square centimeters.

Therefore area of shaded part is 1,296 / 2  = 648 square centimeters.


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