School Holidays are in… or are they?

by Education Cube, posted on May 20, 2016

School Holidays are in… or are they?

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It’s that time of the year again!

The June school holidays, the first of the two longer school breaks in the academic year. Students always look forward to the holidays, but could they be dreading them nowadays instead?

It increasingly seems that the only way for a student to really escape from endless extra school classes and activities, home tuition, or preparation for the next school term is really to go overseas on a vacation during this time. Being at home during the month-long break is almost a sure-fire invitation for parents to feel the need to pack their children’s schedules, either to press on with additional classes in areas that need improvement, or to keep them sufficiently occupied with something new that doubles up as also being beneficial to their school learning or future prospects, like learning computer coding.

What to do, what to do?

what to do?

But are these the only ways that children can get to enjoy their school holidays? The litany of productive things for students to do during this time can boggle the mind, such as this list of 37 things to do. The first few items are already not very exciting to most students, but some of them are worth considering such as trying out a holiday job.

For older students, learning what it can be like to work is more than just an eye-opener to the real world. A job puts them squarely in a real-life, real-time environment with tasks and responsibilities to be completed that will also need them to utilise their social skills more profoundly. The intrinsic learning from the experience would far likely outweigh, say, attending a “junior MBA” holiday course. And while the amount they earn is inconsequential, knowing what it is like to earn your keep is a good way to remind them how nothing comes cheap or free in this world. And gives parents more ammo to save being pressured to buy the latest expensive gizmo their children see in a store.

Everyone needs downtime

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Put another way, school holidays are the best time for getting out and away from classroom-type settings. Something more unusual from the regular multitudes of holiday activity offerings could be a mindfulness camp where children can get to centre themselves.

After all the stress from the whirlwind of homework and exams in the past term, it might be better to let students have some inner calm. It might do even better to reset their focus and concentration for the next term than to continually ply them with activities all through the holidays. Or for parents who are far more daring, let them do nothing at all if they feel like it. For those that would like to believe homework is tyranny, there is even 20 reasons why there should be no holiday homework.

Besides, everyone needs downtime, even working adults let alone our over-stretched students. And they are still children after all. So let us let them enjoy their childhood too.

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