PSLE Chinese Oral Examination

by Carrie Tan, posted on Aug 4, 2017


PSLE Chinese Oral

PSLE CHINESE ORAL SYLLABUS (updated as of August 2017)

The Chinese Oral Examination includes reading a text passage (on the computer screen) and having a conversation around a short video. Candidates will have 10 minutes to prepare. They can review the reading materials, and watch the video as many times as they wish within the time limit. (这份试卷包括朗读篇章和会话。在考试前,考生有10分钟的时间 默读篇章和观看一个录像短片。考生在限定的时间内,可以多次默 读篇章和观看录像短片)

Section 1: Reading a passage (20 marks / 10% weighting) - Candidates need to read a short passage. (第一部分:朗读篇章 考生必须朗读一篇短文。)

Section 2:  Conversation using video stimulus (30 marks / 15% weighting) – The examiner will start a conversation with the candidate base on the theme of the video stimulus. (第二部分:会话 主考员根据录像短片,跟考生进行对话。)


Plan your time properly so that you will have enough time to review both the reading passage and the video for the oral within the 10-minute timeframe. Upon entering the examination room, you will then proceed first to read the passage on the computer screen, and watch the video one more time. The examiner will ask guiding questions and typically, they will be asking you about:

- The content of the video. E.g. what do you observe happening in the video? Why are the children so happy?

- Your views, thoughts or comments related to the theme of the video. E.g. do you think the children are doing the right thing? Tell me what do your family do to celebrate mid-autumn festival.

- Share a similar or relevant experience, or to extend the theme to the community level. E.g. do you think we should restrict the use of candles in lanterns? 


Here are a few video guides curated by on how you can approach and score well for the visual stimulus section - click on each title to view.

1. A simulation of what the candidate will expect on the day of the oral exam

2. Video stimulus samples

3. Tips for how to read the text passage well 

4. Tips on how to do well in the E-Oral Exam


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