PSLE Chinese Oral Examination

by Education Cube, posted on Aug 16, 2016

PSLE CHINESE ORAL SYLLABUS (updated as of August 2016)

PSLE Chinese Oral

 一、朗读篇章 - 考生必须朗读一篇短文。在考试前,考生会有 5 钟的时间默读这篇短文。 

1. Reading a passage (20 marks / 10% weighting) - Candidates need to read a short passage. Before the examination, candidates are given 5 minutes to prepare.

二、看图说话 - 考生针对所提供的图画加以描述,并谈谈自己的感受和看法。 

2. Visual stimulus (20 marks / 10% weighting) - Candidates are to describe the scenes portrayed in the visual stimulus, and talk about their feeling and opinion.  

三、会话 - 主考员根据图画的主题,跟考生进行对话。必要时,主考员可以根据参考提示,引导考生进行对话。 

3. Conversation (10 marks/ 5% weighting) - The examiner will start a conversation with the candidate base on the theme of the visual stimulus. Where necessary, the examiner will guide the candidate in the dialogue.

PSLE Chinese Oral Video Guides

Here are a few video guides curated by on how you can approach and score well for the看图说话 visual stimulus section - click on each title to view.

(I)                  Void Deck 

(II)                Basketball Court

(III)              At the store

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