More unregistered schools uncovered

by The Straits Times, posted on Jan 12, 2016

9 cases of unregistered schools recorded in 2015

Fee hike for international students and PRs attending local schools

by The Straits Times 1 Oct 2015, posted on Jan 10, 2016

Starting 2016, fees for international students attending local secondary schools will rise to $800 a month.

Pre-school kids play and learn

by Channel NewsAsia 23 Nov 2015, posted on Jan 10, 2016

Pre-school kids enjoy more unstructured activities - and are learning better for it

Waiting lists for infant care despite supply exceeding demand

by Channel NewsAsia 5 Jan 2015, posted on Jan 10, 2016

Only 3,900 of 6,300 infant care places have been taken up across Singapore, but PAP Community Foundation says there are "substantial" waiting lists at some of its centres.

More primary schools will introduce additional breaks between lessons this year

by The Straits Times 2 Jan 2016, posted on Jan 10, 2016

Primary schools that Channel NewsAsia spoke with said the move is part of efforts to improve students' welfare. 

Singapore parents underestimate cost of an overseas university education: HSBC

by The Straits Times 9 Sep 2015, posted on Jan 10, 2016

The cost of studying in a foreign university is about 83 per cent higher than for a local degree but Singapore parents are only budgeting for 48 per cent more on average, HSBC found.

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