2016 PSLE Oral - Day One themes

by Education Cube, posted on Aug 18, 2016

Topic and/or themes from the 2016 PSLE Oral Examination - Day 1 (18 August 2016)

PSLE Chinese Oral Examination

by Education Cube, posted on Aug 16, 2016

Quick guide on the PSLE Chinese Oral Syllabus (updated as of August 2016) and curated video guides on how you can approach the visual stimulus section and score well for it.

Are Expensive Preschools Worth Rolling that Dough?

by Education Cube, posted on Jun 1, 2016

It used to be that school enrolment stress came from registering your child for Primary 1. Nowadays, that has been dialled back by a number of years to anything along the preschool age. With a wide range of preschools to fit all manner of budget, interest, and pedagogy in recent times, is it all a matter of the sky is the limit?

Singapore Primary School Mathematics - Geometry Part 2

by Education Cube, posted on May 30, 2016

Math Topic – Geometry

Primary 6 Level Question: The figure below shows a circle and 2 squares. Find the area of the shaded parts given that the length of the bigger square is 20 cm. ( Take π = 3.14)

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5 costly mistakes most PSLE parents make when teaching their child

by Jervin Lim, posted on May 29, 2016

Often parents will guide their PSLE child for math, here are 5 Costly mistakes most PSLE Parents make when teaching their child.

1. Sticking to the same tutor/School supplementary classes after a long period of time
If your child has not been doing well for Math for a long period of time and have been under the same tutor and subject teacher in school, it means your child do not learn well under them. If you are in such situation, it’s advisable to switch tutor and if schools have additional supplementary lessons conducted after school, do not let your child attend. If your child does not learn well under the subject teacher, why subject him to more of the same after school?

‘The primary reason for failure is that people do not develop new plans to replace those plans that didn't work’
- Napoleon Hill

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How to Know when to Go Back to School

by Education Cube, posted on May 25, 2016

Saying lifelong learning is a big thing here in Singapore is an understatement. But when is the right time to dive back into school? What is the best way to decide in a sea of options? Everyone’s situation is unique, and the trick is to find what is the most appropriate for you. Find something that suits your situation, job progression, and the amount of time, money and energy you can spare. You can also use our resources here on Education Cube to help you make that crucial decision, be it if you are looking to upgrade your job skills, cultivate an interest, or finish a dream.

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