Events: Science & Technology

Electronics Made Easy Introductory Course for 9 - 15 year olds

Event date Jan 20, 2020


Ever had an idea for a new invention but never had the skills to bring it to life? Through this introductory course, we will ensure that concepts that might seemed difficult at first, will be broken down and easily learnt. 

In this specially customised introductory course, students will be taught how to design their very own electronic projects from scratch. This is achieved by firstly giving each student a foundational lesson on the fundamentals of electronics and prototyping. Students will also be exposed to the functions of the most commonly found electronic components used in toys and mobile devices. These components include Resistors, LEDs, Breadboards, Transistors, Buzzers and Integrated Chips(IC).

Through Take-Home Assignments and Progressive lessons, students tap on what is learnt through their previous lessons to understand more concepts, enabling them to conceptualize what they have learn and create more sophisticated electronic projects. This will not only give them a sense of achievement but also develop their critical reasoning skills as they embark on their journey to create their very own invention.


Discovering Electronics - Create your own Morse Code Kit (Promotional Price $60 for Workshop + Kit)

Event date Jan 20, 2020

In this basic electronics course, your child will learn about MORSE CODE.

MORSE CODE is a form of communication used during World War II (WW2). With the use of a simple switch, a breadboard, a resistor and a buzzer, your child can create his or her very own Morse Code communication. Kids will then embark on a journey to test the limits of their Morse Code Communication by simulating the transfer of a message on a battleground.

Cost: $60 per pax (Inclusive of Workshop and 1 Morse Code Kit)