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Insworld Institute is a private school in Singapore offering an entirely British curriculum, including IGCSE and A levels.

More Information

Established in 2001, Insworld was officially opened in 2004 by former British High Commissioner, His Excellency Sir Alan Collins, CMG. In 2014, his predecessor, British High Commissioner to Singapore HE Antony Phillipson, joined the school’s anniversary celebration as the Guest-of-Honour

Insworld has since established a close partnership with Pearson - UK’s Largest Awarding Organisation Offering Academic and Vocational Qualifications. The partnership has reinforced the school’s mission to provide quality British education by offering Pearson Edexcel and Pearson BTEC programmes

On July 2014, three (3) Insworld Institute students were awarded with the prestigious “High Achiever Award” by Pearson Edexcel. These students were: Emily Lum Yuen Ying from Canada (who attained the “Highest Number of Distinctions in Singapore” for Edexcel International GCSE), Mei Jiajun from China (who attained the “Highest Subject Mark in Singapore” for Edexcel PLSC English, Science and Mathematics) and Dk Nurimanina Nabillah Pg Haji Saiful Rizal from Brunei (who attained “Highest Number of Distinctions in Singapore” for Edexcel International GCSE)

On September 2015, two Insworld Institute graduates were awarded at the “Pearson Medallion Award Ceremony 2015.″ Receiving an award for attaining the “Highest Mark in Singapore” in International Advanced Level Accounting was Luong Ha Nguyen of Vietnam. On the other hand, Amreena Shamit of Singapore received an award for attaining the “Highest International Mark (joint)” in GCE A Level Psychology. She also received awards for attaining the “Highest Mark in Singapore” in both International Advanced Level Chemistry and International Advanced Level Mathematics.

Insworld is registered with the Council for Private Education in Singapore (validity: 20 May 2014 to 19 May 2018)

Insworld has been certified with an EduTrust Certificate (validity: 18 Feb 2015 to 17 Feb 2019)


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Why Choose Us

Insworld Institute offers benefits and advantages to students who wish to gain entry to prestigious universities around the world.”

Some of the benefits and advantages offered by the school are:

Established in 2001, Insworld was officially opened in 2004 by former British High Commissioner, His Excellency Sir Alan Collins, CMG. 10 years later, his predecessor, British High Commissioner to Singapore HE Antony Phillipson, joined the school’s anniversary celebration as the Guest-of-Honour.

For more information about the school’s history, you may click here.

Since 2001, Insworld has produced academic achievers who have progressed to prestigious universities worldwide such as the Imperial College of London (UK), University of Michigan (US), Sydney University (Australia), Trinity College (Ireland) and Fudan University (China). We also have alumni and alumnae who now have established careers in highly regarded fields such as Medicine, Engineering and Law.

To view their testimonials, you may click here

Insworld Institute offers Pearson Edexcel and BTEC programmes that each normally have a duration of “18 months.”

The Pearson Edexcel and BTEC programmes that are offered at Insworld Institute allow students to gain qualifications under Pearson – the UK’s largest awarding organization offering academic and vocational qualifications. These qualifications are recognized by educational institutions and employers worldwide.

Our small class sizes of 4 – 12 students promotes “personalized learning” as each student receives individual attention from teachers and are able to participate actively during classes.

Also, this format allows our teachers to effectively identify and address any academic challenge that a student may be facing.

Students at Insworld Institute do not have to engage external tutors to assist them in their studies. The school provides one-on-one tutorial sessions in all of the subjects offered…all of which are for FREE!

Every term, our students get to enjoy and benefit from a multicultural environment that allows them to learn and interact with peers representing at least 25 different nationalities. In fact, from 2001 to March 2016, a total of 42 different nationalities have been part of the Insworld Institute family.

Students may enroll either in January, March, July or September. Late admissions will be considered on a case by case basis.

Insworld provides several support services to students and their parents such as our Academic and Career Counseling, Assistance in Student Pass Application, Accommodation Support, University Placement Guidance and Weekly Progress Report.

To help parents monitor the progress of their child / children while studying at Insworld Institute, we offer an online option that enables them to view the weekly achievements attained by their child / children:

  • Overall Progress
  • Weekly Grades
  • Weekly Attendance Percentage

The above data will also be sent every week via our email system.

Our Programmes


“Insworld Institute provides quality British education to Secondary (High School) students in Singapore”

At Insworld Institute, students can choose from a wide range  of subjects, take certain exams at various times of the year and be equipped with skills that are vital for success in higher education and their professional careers later on. Moreover:

To find out how students can progress through our programmes to their universities and career of choice or the equivalent and prerequisites of each programme, you may click on the drop down  buttons below:

At Insworld Institute, students can progress either through the Academic Pathway or the Business Diploma Pathway. Through the Academic Pathway, a student begins with the English for Academic Study (if required) and then progresses to either the Edexcel International Tuition Programme (Lower Secondary), the International GCSE (‘O’ Level) or the GCE ‘A’ Level based on their qualifications and / or results (as shown below):

academic progression insworld institute

On the other hand, students may also choose to take the Business Diploma Pathway and attain a BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Business (as shown below). BTEC qualifications are regarded to be comparable to GCSEs and A Levels in terms of level, size and content (you may click here to verify) and is recognized in more than 70 countries worldwide (you may click here to verify).

Extracurricular Activities

Some of the extracurricular activities that our students get to enjoy and benefit from are:


At Insworld Institute, we believe in keeping the body as healthy, fit and active as the mind. For this reason, we organise sports events such as the annual “Insworld Sports Day.”

Also, we conduct extracurricular activities every Tuesdays and Thursdays which include sports activities such as football and basketball. These activities are held at various prominent sports facilities in Singapore.

In addition, we hold inter-house and inter-school sports competitions to emphasise the value of teamwork and respect towards fellow competitors.

clubs_longStudents can also join the various clubs and organizations within the school and participate in a wide range of activities such as:

  • Board Games
  • Dance (Hip Hop)
  • Drama
  • Futsal
  • Music
  • Photography


As mentioned in the “Principal’s Message,” we expect our students to become responsible citizens who are aware of the issues in society around them.

For this reason, the school engages in various community outreach programmes that students can participate in such as:

  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Home for the Aged and Sick


Insworld Institute holds educational field trips which allow students to visit various cultural venues and historical spots in Singapore such as the Asian Civilization Museum, the ArtScience Museum and the Science Centre Singapore.

These field trips also provide opportunities for students to improve on their social skills as they perform activities and generally enjoy the whole experience together with their peers.


“Be Part of the Insworld Institute Family and Enjoy All the Benefits That Our School Has to Offer by Following These Four Simple Steps”

  1. Check the Entry Requirements For Your Course
    • The minimum entry requirements for all programmes offered by the school are detailed in the “Our Programmes” section of this website
    • If you are unsure whether you meet the requirements, you may contact us for a free advice by clicking here (our office is open from Monday to Friday (09:00 to 18:00) and also on Saturday (10:00 to 14:00)
  1. Download and Fill Out the Application Form (kindly double check the accuracy of the details provided)
    • The Application Form may be downloaded here
  1. Prepare the Following Items
    • Non-refundable registration fee of SGD1000
    • 2 passport-sized photographs
    • Certified copies of school results / academic transcripts
    • Photocopy of passport for international students
    • Photocopy of NRIC for Singaporean citizens and Permanent Residents
  1. Submit Your Application Via:

For students who would like to submit their applications via snail mail or personal visit to our office, we’re located at: No 2 Serangoon Road The Verge #03-18 Singapore 218227

Students may also apply through an Insworld approved agent. For a complete list of our approved agents, you may click here

Insworld has 4 intakes annually in January, March, July and September. The fact that there are 4 intakes helps students from different countries enter a particular course as and when it is convenient to them. Students can enjoy this level of flexibility because classes are kept small and timetables are engineered for the benefit of each individual student. It is also possible because of the modular structure of the London Edexcel curriculum, which enables Insworld to deliver courses without following a prescribed schedule.

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