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Hwa Chong Institution (HCI) is Singapore's premier Independent School, with a rich history of over 90 years. A commitment to excellence is a hallmark of the Institution whose mission is to nurture leaders for the nation, leaders that embrace the values of hard work, integrity, passion, and compassion.

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Hwa Chong Institution (HCI) is Singapore's premier Independent School, with a rich history of over 90 years. A commitment to excellence is a hallmark of the Institution whose mission is to nurture leaders for the nation, leaders that embrace the values of hard work, integrity, passion, and compassion.




THE MISSION OF HWA CHONG INSTITUTION (HCI) is to develop leaders for the nation.  The institution is the culmination of the watershed merger between the former Chinese High School (founded in 1919) and Hwa Chong Junior College (founded in 1974) in 2005.

A premier independent school in Singapore with a rich history of 95 years, HCI has produced 56 President's Scholars to date.

Indeed, Hwa Chong is more than a school that produces top scholars.  We also want to empower our high ability students to achieve their potential and live their aspirations, while embracing the values of hard work, integrity, passion, and compassion.


Founded in 1919 by Mr Tan Kah Kee, The Chinese High School was established to cater to the needs of overseas Chinese primary school leavers in South-east Asia.

Today, it is one of the finest educational institutions for high-achievers and the gifted in the region.  Its reputation as a premier school is based not only on the academic excellence of the students but also their determination to excel in all other areas like leadership, sports and games, co-curricular activities, science research, and service to the community.

The Chinese High School has been a school of choice amongst the best and the brightest.  Every year it attracts the top 3% of the national PSLE cohort and the top 1% that forms the Gifted Education Programme.

This is not confined to only the high achieving students from Singapore but also those from countries like Malaysia and China.  With the merger in 2005, The Chinese High School now forms the High School Section of Hwa Chong Institution.

Hwa Chong Junior College is Singapore's first government-aided junior college (JC) to be established in 1974.  More than 3 decades later, the College remains committed to offering students an unrivalled holistic education.

In 2004, Hwa Chong became the nation's first JC to turn independent.  The College was ranked 1st for the last 4 years of the Junior College Ranking Exercise, based on the university point system.



Built on a 29-hectre (72 acres) landscaped site, the comprehensive HCI campus boasts of a top-class sporting complex, Olympic-sized swimming pool, gymnasium, shooting range, and outdoor courts.

The school is the first institution in Singapore to build a Science Research Centre and the Ong Teng Cheong Student Activities and Leadership Training Centre.

The new multi-storey Science Research Centre has 10 state-of-the-art laboratories and special culture rooms for biotechnology projects, while the Leadership Centre enables students to develop their special interests in various new Co-Curricular Activities venues.

In addition, the campus houses a modern boarding school that is designed by the world renowned Kenzo Tange and built to accommodate up to 1,000 students.


With about 4000 students across 6 levels, the strength of the Hwa Chong Integrated Programme is to be found in our unique Consortium-Faculty system.  This combination provides unrivalled opportunities for students to develop their interests as well as the personal support of tutors.

In the High School Section, the consortium system operates on the concept of "a school within a school".  Teachers and students are grouped into 4 consortia and the structure ensures close guidance and monitoring of students.

In the College Section, students are organised into faculties that mirror the academic environment of a university.  This unique system provides a holistic, supportive and customised curriculum which empowers both teachers and students.

Every Hwa Chong student receives an innovative and world-class curriculum that emphasises academic excellence, creativity, character building and leadership.

The 6-year seamless curriculum, organized in a spiral framework, caters to students' interest and intellectual curiosity in the first 2 years, and develops their passion and talents in years 3 and 4.

In years 5 and 6, students consolidate their knowledge in preparation for the GCE A-Level Examinations.


Indeed, HCI has achieved eminence as one of Singapore's top institutions offering 4 MOE Special Programmes.

In 1980, Hwa Chong was the first JC chosen for the Humanities Programme.  Today, our Humanities Programme is one of the leading Oxford and Cambridge entry centres in the world outside the UK, with close to 300 students to date.

In 1990, Hwa Chong was chosen to be the first centre for the Chinese Language Elective Programme (LEP).  Today, we have the largest number of students who have won highly prestigious scholarships to top universities in China, UK, USA, Japan, Taiwan and Germany.

In 1984, we established the Art Elective Programme (AEP) to offer students a comprehensive art education that encompasses a broad range of art forms and mediums. In 2004, we extended the AEP to the College.

In 2005, the school pioneered the prestigious Bicultural Studies Programme (BSP), which aims to nurture a select group of bicultural elite who can engage China as well as relate to the West.


Hwa Chong is the first independent school to set up a Beijing Campus and pioneer the FutureSchools@Singapore.  We are indeed entering an era where opportunities have never been greater.

Our aim is to deliver a system of education that will meet the needs of a new generation of Singaporeans, and equip our students with the skills and insights they need to thrive in this new, global age.

Integrated Programme

The strength of Hwa Chong’s IP is in our ability to combine scholastic excellence with an outstanding range of opportunities beyond the classroom. Every Hwa Chong student receives a rigorous curriculum that emphasises leadership, character building, academic excellence, and creativity.

The Hwa Chong Integrated Programme (IP) is designed by our own teachers who have years of experience teaching high ability students. Preliminary consultative work on our IP was done with help from a 34-member International Advisory Panel comprising 2 Nobel Laureates, distinguished professors from Harvard, Princeton and Cambridge as well as eminent industry captains.

Importantly, the school aims to provide a caring environment that is intellectually stimulating, secure, and joyful.

The seamless and broad-based 6-year IP is organised into 3 stages:

  • At Stage 1, students are exposed to a general curriculum that allows them to explore various fields of studies.
  • At Stage 2, students embark on a sustained and in-depth study of their chosen area of specialisation. The curriculum for the Sciences and Humanities will be broad-based at this point.
  • At Stage 3, students consolidate their knowledge and sit for the Cambridge GCE Advanced-Level Examinations. They are expected to be actively involved in outreach programmes and can initiate major research projects which could form the basis of their undergraduate studies.

Annually, there are over 200 different student-initiated service learning projects school-wide. Selected projects receive financial support from the Citibank Youth for Causes Fund and Campus ChangeMakers by NYC. These include promoting an appreciation of Chinese culture at the Singapore History Museum, conducting web design courses for underprivileged children at community centres, organising rainbow camps for the Salvation Army and creating online learning programmes for primary school students.

In addition, all Hwa Chong students are involved in different Community Involvement Projects conducted by their respective consortia and faculties throughout the year. They include painting one-room flats, fund-raising through collecting old newspapers, tutoring pupils from needy families as well as interacting with the dementia elderly and the intellectually disabled.

Hwa Chong Holistic Development Model

Our Holistic Development Model – which underpins education at Hwa Chong – reflects the best of East and West.  It places emphasis on the Moral, Intellectual, Physical, Social, and Aesthetic domains.

With our seamless 6-year IP, we have adopted for our Affective Programme an integrated cross-disciplinary approach driven by students' creativity, self-direction, and leadership.

Specifically, the Holistic Development Model has 2 aspects (see diagram):

(1) Years 1-4 aim to build students’ CHARACTER by developing them holistically.  During these formative years, we also want to inculcate in them a love for the nation and a zest for life.

(2) The apex reflects our mission to develop leaders in research, industry and government.  What it shows here is our quotient-centric approach (IQ, EQ, CQ, MQ, and AQ) towards character development and leadership training.

Simply put, the school grooms exceptionally talented young men and women.  Through their sheer genius, leadership, and enterprise, they will provide sustenance to the nation by generating opportunities for others. This, ultimately, will be our contribution to Singapore.

Source: http://www.hci.edu.sg/admissions/high_school/academic-programmes-highschool (1 May 2016)

PSLE Cut Off Points to Enter Secondary 1

Hwa Chong Institution - IP

 Express (Lower)

 Express (Upper)

2016 PSLE



2015 PSLE



2014 PSLE



2013 PSLE



2012 PSLE



2011 PSLE



Direct School Admissions Information 2017



Interested pupils may apply to join HCI via the Direct School Admission Exercise.Applicants are not required to take the General Ability Test or Higher Ability Selection Test during our DSA Exercise.


Parents and students are encouraged to choose schools wisely based on the student’s aptitudes and strengths, bearing in mind the schools’ academic and non-academic requirements, and the programmes available to develop the area of talent.

With the exception of Sports Talents, students may apply to only one of the following categories:

  1. Sports Talents
Badminton, Basketball, Canoeing, Fencing, Gymnastics, Judo, Shooting, Softball, Table Tennis, Tennis, Track & Field/Cross Country, Volleyball, Water Polo, Wushu

Sports Trials will be held from 5 – 12 June.
Student athletes may apply to one other DSA category.

  2. Mathematics Talents
Platinum or Gold Medallists in the Singapore Math Olympiad for Primary Schools, or other relevant achievements

  3. Bilingual Talents
Top 30 Winners of the Singapore-Malaysia Schools Bilingual Olympiad Camp, Top 20 winners of the National Chinese Challenge, Leaders of HCI’s Bicultural Camp, or other relevant achievements

 4. Science Talents
Students who do well in HCI’s Science and Maths Talent Camps, in National or International Competitions, or other relevant achievements

 5. Humanities Talents
Achievement in debates, public speaking, creative problem solving competitions and other humanities-related activities

 6. Leaders
Leadership appointment in school such as Prefects and Student Councillors, or leaders in CCA, community service or entrepreneurship

Important Dates:
Closing Date: 1 June
Notification of Shortlist: 29 June
DSA Interview Date: 8 July
DSA Selection Results: By the end of August


Shortlisted applicants are to submit the following:

  • Primary 5 End-of-Year Overall Results
  • Primary 6 Mid-Year Exam Results
  • Application fee of $20



  • Applicants with a Confirmed Offer are guaranteed a place in HCI, provided that they indicate the school as one of their preferences during the School Preference Exercise, and that they qualify for the Express academic course.
  • Applicants with a Waitlisted Offer should place HCI as first choice during the School Preference Exercise to better their chances of entry to HCI.
  • MOE will release the PSLE & DSA results in November 2017.
  • You will be posted by MOE to your secondary school based on your ranked choices and the availability of places in these schools.



  • You must obtain a registration number (REG No.) from the MOE Customer Service Centre before applying for DSA through the online portal.
  • International students who wish to seek admission to our mainstream schools at the Primary 2 to 5 or Secondary 1 to 3 levels must take part in the Admissions Exercise for International Students (AEIS).
  • Confirmation of placement for the year 2018 (Secondary 1) under DSA will be subject to your AEIS results. More details can be found athttp://www.moe.gov.sg/admissions/international-students.
  • You must have studied Chinese and/or Higher Chinese to be eligible for DSA application to Hwa Chong Institution.



  • Returning Singaporeans, who are either Citizens or PRs, and currently not studying in MOE schools are also required to have a REG No. from the MOE Customer Service Centre.

http://www.hci.edu.sg/admissions/high_school/admission-routes#dsa (12 May 2017)