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Posted By: Richard E. Schultz Richard E. Schultz
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Joined Date: Apr 19, 2019

Wikipedia helped me a lot to complete all my assignments in time with a lot of information that is very easy to understand. Even I also read an article in uk.bestessays  writing services they stated that Wikipedia is one of the top 10 websites where people retrieve the information more.

Posted : Apr 19, 2019
Posted By: Michelle J. Battles Michelle J. Battles
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You are absolutely correct Wikipedia is something everyone access it whenever they want any information related to studies or any other things. The facts which you have said are also correct as I have seen many article in academized reddit  writing services me also stated about these facts.

Posted : Apr 7, 2019
Posted By: Brooke Coles
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Everyone knows that Wikipedia is the right place to obtain any information or carry proper research for your report, documentation, or for anything you want. It is one of the biggest encyclopedic platforms that offer the users an infinite range of information along with the valid sources.

What confuses people the most is that who creates the Wikipedia articles? Does the Wikipedia get the Wikipedia writers, page editors, and Wikipedia page Creation agency Too many questions arise in mind when it comes to Wikipedia’s credibility, there are a lot of things associated with Wikipedia that people are unaware of. Let’s discuss a few of these realities about Wikipedia.

  1. 1.      Wikipedia Does Not Allow You to Promote Anything

If anyone has a thought that Wikipedia is the perfect platform that allows you to sell something, then they need a reality check, as Wikipedia does not at any cost allow anyone to put promotional stuff on the website. It is a source of providing information to the readers, and not a place where people can market themselves, their companies, brands, books, or any of their other belonging.

  1. 2.      Wikipedia Does Not Compromise When It Comes to Quality

After the prohibiting of promotional content on the website, if Wikipedia emphasizes on anything else, then it is uploading the material in low quality. Wikipedia pays high respect to the people who are eligible to have a page on their website, but they do not tolerate to upload an article in an acceptable quality.

  1. 3.      Wikipedia Is an Open Collaboration Website

Some people have this perception that Wikipedia has their own writers, editors, researchers, and page creators, who collectively work on creating a Wikipedia page. The truth is far off from this thought, as Wikipedia allows anyone from the entire world to contribute their knowledge about anyone or anything, and can create or edit a page on the website. People all across the globe register account on Wikipedia, research on various topics, update information of any article on the page, and as well as create the pages they wish for (only if they are eligible).

  1. 4.      Any Information Can Be Changed At Any Moment

Wikipedia never asks anyone to trust them, as anyone can contribute on the page anytime, Wikipedia does not give anyone surety that their details will be left untouched. People around the world seek something new, so if anyone gets to hold on any credible news on you, they might put it on your Wikipedia page anytime they wish.

  1. 5.      Wikipedia Does Not Allow Any Biased Work

It is one of the strict instruction of Wikipedia for every writer and editor to have a neutral point view while composing the article for the Wikipedia page, or making edits on any of the page. Wikipedia does not allow anyone to share their biased opinion about anything.

  1. 6.      Wikipedia Entirely Works on Verifiable Resources

Since Wikipedia does not allow anyone to show favor or get biased while sharing knowledge about someone or something, it only permits to include the information that has been collected from a reliable source. Any detail that does not have a verifiable reference gets rejected by Wikipedia management. It is highly required to include only those information that is authenticated and can be confirmed from credible sources.

  1. 7.      Wikipedia Speaks About 300 Languages

Another amazing fact about Wikipedia is that a person can read an article on the website in three hundred different languages. In spite of this fact, Wikipedia only has nearly one-hundred languages that currently consists of more than ten thousand articles.

Posted : Mar 13, 2019

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