Electronics Made Easy Introductory Course for 9 - 15 year olds



Ever had an idea for a new invention but never had the skills to bring it to life? Through this introductory course, we will ensure that concepts that might seemed difficult at first, will be broken down and easily learnt. 

In this specially customised introductory course, students will be taught how to design their very own electronic projects from scratch. This is achieved by firstly giving each student a foundational lesson on the fundamentals of electronics and prototyping. Students will also be exposed to the functions of the most commonly found electronic components used in toys and mobile devices. These components include Resistors, LEDs, Breadboards, Transistors, Buzzers and Integrated Chips(IC).

Through Take-Home Assignments and Progressive lessons, students tap on what is learnt through their previous lessons to understand more concepts, enabling them to conceptualize what they have learn and create more sophisticated electronic projects. This will not only give them a sense of achievement but also develop their critical reasoning skills as they embark on their journey to create their very own invention.


Session Activity Duration Objectives Take-Home Assignments
1 Introduction to Electronics & Prototyping 2 hours Participants will understand the fundamentals of Electronics and Prototyping Design your own Water-Level Sensor
2 Introduction to Light Sensors and Transistors 2 hours Participants will understand the fundamentals of the function of Light Sensors and Transistors Design your own Automated Night Lamp
3 Introduction to Music and Lights   2 hours Participants will understand the use of IC Chips in Household Devices Design your own LED Blinker and “Music” Player
4 Introduction to RGB LED Technology 2 hours Participants will understand how Colourful LED Lights Function Design your own “Mood” Lamp
5 Introduction to Motor Control 2 hours Participants will understand how motor direction and speed control works Design your own Motor Controller

Approximate Class Size : 15

Number of STEM Educators : 3x Intermediate Trainers 

Cost: $300 per pax (Inclusive of 5 in 1 Electronic Kit)


Gabriel has been enthusiastic about learning technology even before he acquired his diploma in Clean Energy. When he was 10, he broke his first Xbox because he wanted to know what goes inside the cool gadgets and devices people use in their daily life.

Upon graduation, he became very passionate teaching kids electronics as he wants to give back to his community, to educate kids about technology and electronics, as he had no one to teach him when he was young. Gabriel wants to be a mentor to these kids. He finds empowering these kids through the education of technology is deeply rewarding.

He has made cool projects like "Gabby", a DIY Game Console where kids can learn how to program and create their very own game console. He works closely with the Singapore Science Centre to promote the Maker Spirit.

VENUE IDA LABS@NDC National Design Centre 111 Middle Road #02/03-04, Singapore 188969
EMAIL chessmasterg@gmail.com
CONTACT +6596530164

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