Discovering Electronics - Create your own Morse Code Kit (Promotional Price $60 for Workshop + Kit)



Have you ever wanted to give your kids the opportunity to be inventors, than mere users of technology?

Have you searched high and low for a course that rockets your child towards 21 st century creativity?

Or have you ever wished you could stop buying toys by giving your child the opportunity to make their own?

Fret not! You’ve arrived at the right place.

In this specially customized introduction course, students will be taught how to design their very own electronic projects from scratch. During this process they would learn the fundamentals of electronics and pick up the basic skills of prototyping. Electronic components of toys and mobile devices will no longer be foreign to them as they’ll be exposed to what’s going on inside these daily

In this basic electronics course, your child will learn about MORSE CODE.

MORSE CODE is a form of communication used during World War II (WW2). With the use of a simple switch, a breadboard, a resistor and a buzzer, your child can create his or her very own Morse Code communication. Kids will then embark on a journey to test the limits of their Morse Code Communication by simulating the transfer of a message on a battleground.

Isn’t this awesome? What then are you waiting for?

Take this opportunity to transform your child into inventors of technology! For all you know your child might be the next Steve Jobs or even Bill gates!!

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Duration: 1 session of 1.5 hours each

Approximate Class Size: 5 to 10

Number of STEM Educators: 2x Intermediate Trainer

Cost: $60 per pax (Inclusive of Workshop and 1 Morse Code Kit)


Gabriel has been enthusiastic about learning technology even before he acquired his diploma in Clean Energy. When he was 10, he broke his first Xbox because he wanted to know what goes inside the cool gadgets and devices people use in their daily life.

Upon graduation, he became very passionate teaching kids electronics as he wants to give back to his community, to educate kids about technology and electronics, as he had no one to teach him when he was young. Gabriel wants to be a mentor to these kids. He finds empowering these kids through the education of technology is deeply rewarding.

He has made cool projects like "Gabby", a DIY Game Console where kids can learn how to program and create their very own game console. He works closely with the Singapore Science Centre to promote the Maker Spirit.

CONTACT +6596530164

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