Attend school in Shanghai during your school holidays in 2018 - Chinese Immersion Program for Age 6 to 12


We offer school placement arrangement for parent-accompanied student immersion programs in Shanghai for ages 6 - 12.

We assist the parents and students to identify the correct school in line with the student's age, and advise on expected expenses for tuition fees, accommodation and other incidentals for the language immersion school programme in China. This avoids any financial surprises to the parents and students who may not know the actual conditions in China.

Our service covers school search, placement and admission. We also provide complimentary briefing sessions  for parents and students. Once before they leave Singapore and another when they arrive in China. While information regarding travel, transportation, and accommodation planning is provided, you have the choice to book your own flights and hotels, according to your specific needs. 

One-Time Application Fee of SG$1,000: The application fee is due when the student's application is submitted. It is non-refundable once the student's application is accepted by the school. 

Weekly Program Fee: 

In order to secure the placement, a non-refundable Weekly Program Fee will be applied to all students once the student application is accepted by the school. Program fee includes tuition fees for the week, school trips should they be planned by the school, and school lunch. 

2017 Schedule

2017 Session From To Status
1 Mar-13 Mar-17 Closed
2 May-29 Jun-02 Closed
3 Jun-05 Jun-09 Closed
4 Jun-12 Jun-16 Closed
5 Jun-19 Jun-23 Closed
6 Sep-04 Sep-08 Limited
7 Nov-20 Nov-24 Open
8 Nov-27 Dec-01 Open
9 Dec-04 Dec-08 Open
10 Dec-11 Dec-15 Open
11 Dec-18 Dec-22 Limited

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it possible for the child to travel alone?

No. A parent or trusted Guardian must accompany the child. While Shanghai has a reputation as being safe cities, it is a mistake to think that nothing will happen. Sudden illness or a pandemic like the recent MERS may strike the student, an accident may occur or a student may get into a predicament such as conflict or argument with another student, or maybe having problems with a room-mate or with the landlord. The student may find themselves in a situation where they have nobody to turn to in a strange land. 

2. Can I choose my own accommodation and travel dates?

Yes, you can choose to arrange your own accommodation. Our recommendations are primarily based on proximity and ease of getting to and from the the school, and reputation of the hotel to be safe and clean. We recommend that you arrive at the hotel latest by Sunday afternoon as the school week starts on a Monday, so you can familiarize yourself with the surroundings and attend the briefing session held at 6pm. 

3. What travel documents do I need?

Well, you need a valid passport for the whole duration of your program and depending on your nationality. You may also need a visa for your stay. Contact us for more information.

4. What are the school hours and class size like? Is lunch provided?

Students attend school Mondays through Fridays from 8:00am to 3:00pm. The current class size of the schools we work with is no more than 24 students per class. School caterers provide hot lunches. However, lunch is optional and students can bring their own lunch if they wish to. 

5. How does the application process work?

Applications are reviewed after all of the required documents are received. Students are offered placement if they have been qualified (met admission requirements set by the school) and seats are available. Admission decisions are communicated as early as possible; however, availability of seats is contingent on the class size not exceeding the capacity. If a grade level is at capacity, we will maintain a wait pool for qualified applicants.

6. Do you admit special needs students?

Most mainstream local schools have limited or no resources to support students who, due to severe disabilities (i.e. learning, physical, and/or behavioral), require major staffing, curricular or assessment modifications. All decisions regarding admission for students with special needs are made on an individual case-by-case basis. Parents are required to provide all relevant documentation regarding the child's special needs for the school to review. Failure to completely disclose special needs and intervention documentation during the application process may result in the reversal of any admission offer made without previous knowledge of a child’s situation.  

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