Art Pazionate

428 River Valley Road #02-07 Singapore
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In Art Pazionate, we provide quality art programs that rejoice the hearts and enrich the souls of many. Art becomes interesting and exciting as we use a variety of mediums or mixed media to draw, paint and even make them out. Students learn to create and present art in many creative ways.

Art knowledge and techniques, such as art movements, artists and their styles, and the message conveyed through their works, allow us to have a deeper understanding of Art. Students will also be taught the applications of various art mediums and techniques of drawing, coloring and painting.

Through this art learning journey with Art Pazionate, students’ observation and attention to details are sharpened. They become more aware of the details of things around them, and learn to appreciate things with a more aesthetic sense. As students constantly practice and explore art, they get more creative, bold and confident to express themselves verbally.