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Direct School Admissions / Open House 2017

Direct School Admission 2017

Anglican High School (AHS) is a Mission, Special Assistance Plan (SAP) and Autonomous school guided by its core values: Holiness, Righteousness, Responsibility, Respect, Loyalty & Perseverance. It is the school’s vision to be a vibrant learning community Where Talents Soar: Bicultural Scholars, Accomplished Achievers, Honourable Leaders. The school aims to nurture talents to achieve excellence in niche sports through a unique Sports Talent Programme.
This programme focuses on providing talented student athletes with a holistic approach to sport. There are 2 support structures that enable student athletes to maximize their potential and excel to the best of their abilities. 
AcademicSports Science
  • Rigorous and comprehensive 4 year ‘O’ level programme
  • Teacher mentors assigned to small groups of sports students
  • Customised curriculum that incorporates skills/sports science trainings such as Mental Strength, Nutritional Knowledge, Exercise Physiology and more

  1. The school, with its strong Sports Talent Programme, has consistently achieved top placings in the Zonal / National Inter-School Championships.
  2. As we place prime importance on a holistic education for our students, we are proud that we have good GCE ‘O’ Level trend results of 100% of DSA students being eligible for Junior Colleges and Polytechnics.
  3. AHS hosts the East Zone Centre of Excellence for Sports, which works closely with the various National Sports Associations in nurturing sporting talents.
Students who have performed well in their PSLE and have achieved outstanding sport results will be eligible to apply for the AHS Sports Scholarship from Secondary One.
We are looking for Primary Six pupils who are talented and skilful in the following sports: Basketball, Table-Tennis, Badminton, Netball and Wushu to join us on our journey in pursuing Sporting and Academic Excellence.
Applicants must offer Chinese Language as 1st or 2nd Language.
Parents and students are encouraged to choose schools wisely based on the student’s aptitudes and strengths, bearing in mind the schools’ academic and non-academic requirements, and the programmes available to develop the area of talent.
1. Sports Talent Programme through DSA (8 July 2017, Saturday at 8.00am)
All applicants are required to attend a Sports Talent Programme talk by HOD/PE & CCA in the Main School Hall.
2. Selection Phase 1 (8 July 2017, Saturday at 9.00am)
All applicants are required to attend a sports trial.
Sports- VenueCriteriaSelection Requirement
Basketball – Indoor Stadiums
Table-Tennis – Table-Tennis Centre
Badminton – Main School Hall
Wushu – Tower Hall
Netball – Netball court
* Represented school in the National Inter-Schools competition
  • Be suitably attired for the sports trials
  • Bring along your own equipment, if necessary
  • Applicants are required to submit the completed downloaded Application Form* from the School’s website to the teacher-in-charge on 8 July. Please do not mail to the school.
  • Applicant must offer Chinese Language as 1st or 2nd Language.
3. Selection Phase 2 (8 July 2017, Saturday from 11.00am – 12.00pm)
Shortlisted students from Selection Phase 1 will be required to attend an interview session. 
Applicants are encouraged to bring along your Primary School Report book.
NOTE: GAT/HAST tests are not required for the selection process.
Applicants will receive their selection results from Anglican High School through post by 31 August 2017 if they are offered a Confirmed or Waiting placing.
Applicants who are given a “Confirmed Offer” and /or placed on the Waiting List will receive a School Preference Form through their primary schools in October. The School Preference Form will clearly indicate if the applicant has been given a “Confirmed Offer” or been placed on the Waiting List. DSA candidates can register their DSA-Sec School Preference(s) either at their primary school or via the online DSA-Sec Internet System (DSA-Sec IS).
DSA-Sec candidates studying in mainstream primary schools will receive their DSA-Sec results together with their PSLE results through their primary schools on the day of the PSLE results release.
Successful DSA-Sec candidates will not be eligible to participate in the S1 Posting Exercise. To honour the commitment to the posted DSA school for the duration of the programme admitted to, successful candidates will not be allowed to transfer to another school after the release of the PSLE results.
For more information on DSA, please visit MOE DSA – Sec Website
For further enquiries, please call AHS at 62414866 (General Office) or email us at
Source: (12 May 2017)