ACS (I), HCIS and SJI International report best results yet for IB

by Channel NewsAsia Published 5 Jan 2015, posted on Jan 10, 2016

SINGAPORE: At the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma examinations in November 2015, Anglo-Chinese School (Independent), Hwa Chong International School (HCIS) and St Joseph's Institution (SJI) International students achieved new highs, the schools reported separately in press releases on Tuesday (Jan 5). 

ACS(I) said the results of its 444 students who took the last IB examinations were the best the school has achieved so far in terms of the average total points and the number of perfect scorers, while HCIS said it "broke new ground" as 100 per cent of its 81 students passed the examinations. SJI International also said it "obtained the best results in the school's history", with all 164 candidates receiving the diploma. 

The pass rate for ACS (I) students in the examinations was 99.8 per cent, above the national pass rate of 97.7 per cent. Students from ACS(I) also made up 41 out of 48 perfect scorers in Singapore, accounting for nearly half of 81 perfect scorers worldwide. Last year, the school had 34 students with perfect scores and an average total point score of 41.3.

ACS (I) student Timothy Ong managed a perfect score despite holding three leadership positions in five of his co-curricular activities. He cited a combination of good time management and strong school support as the reason.

"I did a lot of work on public transport, (while) going home from CCA, or going home from school. For Math, I struggled a lot during the first part because I didn't have a lot of practice because I was out for CCA, but my teacher always made time in class to explain things to me. He would (have) open consultations and let anyone who had questions come to him," he said. 

Three SJI International students attained a perfect score of 45 points, while the highest score for HCIS was 44 points, as it was for 2014.

At ACS (I), the students scored an average of 41.84 total points, compared to a national average of 38.5 points and a global average of 31 points. This is reportedly the highest average score for ACS (I) since the school started offering the IB Diploma Programme in 2006. HCIS also said it hit a new high average score, hitting 36.8 points. Meanwhile, SJI International said its students achieved an average score of 37.6 points.

In addition, ACS (I) said 84.2 per cent of its students that took the examinations scored 40 points and above out of a maximum of 45, up from 78.4 per cent in the previous year. For HCIS, 24.8 per cent of its students scored at least 40 points. As for SJI International, 38.4 per cent of its students scored 40 points or higher.

About 1,640 students in Singapore took the examinations last November.