2016 PSLE Oral - Day Two themes

by Education Cube, posted on Aug 20, 2016


English Language: Picture: Baking (cupcakes) class with the words "bake with less sugar", and a basket of fruits - complimentary for those attending the class.
Conversation: Do you like baking? Will you attend a baking class? What are healthy food choices?

Baking Cupcakes

Chinese Language: Picture: Library (Image of student sleeping on the table, depriving another student of the seat, pair of noisy students, untidy magazine racks, and a taller student helping out another kid to reach the upper shelf)
Conversation: If you were the teacher, what would you do about the two noisy students in the library. How do you encourage more students to use the library.


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Please note: The visuals above are our own representations of the themes and topics examined. They are not the actual visual stimulus that were provided to students during the examination.

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